Raindrop-Based Renewable Energy Shows Promise

Hydroelectric energy is one of the oldest forms of power available. But where is science headed now?

More recently, scientists have been developing technology aimed at harvesting renewable sources of low-frequency kinetic energy stored in bodies of water.

But along with wave and tidal energy sources, did you know that raindrops also have the potential to generate a significant amount of electricity?

A few years ago, Chinese engineers integrated rainwater E-gen into existing solar panels. The panels were built using a clear outer layer made from graphene. Graphene reacts with the polarity of incoming rainwater particles, and the energy generated can be stored.

This year, engineers at the City University of Hong Kong just had a major breakthrough with the effectiveness of this technology. We hope to see expansion in renewable hydroelectric generation at all scales into the global energy market.

SkySails – the Future of Wind Power?

When you think of renewable energy, you probably don’t think of paragliders.

But guess what? German company SkySails is out to change that. Yep, paragliders.

SkySails claims their clean energy platform is more efficient than traditional wind turbines. The kites, costing between $1.5 to $3 million USD a pop, can also be tethered onto commercial tankers thereby reducing their diesel fuel consumption.

In recent news, investment in renewable wind energy is stalling. While various start-ups are looking to capitalize on kite technology, it turns out that drawing power from such a highly variable energy source still has its trade-offs.


Finally after announcing $10billion of pocket change from Jeff Bezos to be allocated to climate change we can sigh; it turns out saving the world is more badass than visiting Mars. Even though everyone knows it’s slightly less habitable than Death Valley, it takes a few billion people worth of peer pressure to trade in boyhood sci-fi dreams and put where it counts; the home we’re already mediocre stewards of.

Tesla Stock: Prelude to the Future

Irrational exuberance is happening with Tesla >>> some are calling it the next tulip bubble. For me it represents more than the typical week of bulls and bears trading and losing fortunes; it represents lots of extra media, investment, and talk about an electric car company; something that was pretty much science fiction a few decades ago. I do believe the future will be blazed when stock buyers have faith that companies building renewable energy will not only make the future, but the most profitable future possible.