Green is the new macho!

Yes that’s the answer. After countless recirculation of articles claiming toxic masculinity is to blame for men not recycling, caring about the environment etc. the simple solution is to make green ===macho. I’m sure these handsome farmers give a rip about the environment. Environmentalism just needs classic rebranding; lipstick on the pig. So Green===Macho

Wood is dead. Hemp could eventually replace the entire timber industry.

This is a cool product to replace traditional hardwood flooring. Next to be replaced are hemp based OSB boards and 2×4 lumbar sticks for general purpose construction. A 6 month crop certainly beats a 60 year tree growth timeframe. Unless we prefer doing things the hard way, no pun; then we certainly will be seeingContinue reading “Wood is dead. Hemp could eventually replace the entire timber industry.”

Changing Profit Structure Will lead the Future

Ok this may be a cute little ode to a new structuring of how humans invest their hard earned dollars or the single tipping point in how we saved everything by simply fixing the known issue at hand; short term profits. A long term stock exchange would allow needed time to develop products and industriesContinue reading “Changing Profit Structure Will lead the Future”

Now This company is actually worth of Unicorn status

Ok here’s the deal: if you can actually pull CO2 out of the thin air and make gasoline that strait magic. The work of wizards, sorcerers, and yes unicorns. Thank you Prometheus Fuels for setting the gold standard of what a real unicorn business should do; it should slurp up waste by-product and make myContinue reading “Now This company is actually worth of Unicorn status”

Mushroom Bricks

Everyone knows mushrooms seem to hold many amazing use cases in regards to medicinal and culinary delights. One fascinating new trend is their application as a building material. Although not as compressive as concrete they are significantly lighter and more environmentally friendly that the carbon intensive manufacturing of concrete. is and interesting use caseContinue reading “Mushroom Bricks”

Mission Statement

The goal of this website if to promote sustainable commerce and preservation of scarce resources by promoting businesses who aim to fulfill the 17 Sustainability goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. Rather than focus on charity we believe in creating commerce and consumerism where all interests align at a crossroads of high value products, increasedContinue reading “Mission Statement”