Raindrop-Based Renewable Energy Shows Promise

Hydroelectric energy is one of the oldest forms of power available. But where is science headed now? More recently, scientists have been developing technology aimed at harvesting renewable sources of low-frequency kinetic energy stored in bodies of water. But along with wave and tidal energy sources, did you know that raindrops also have the potentialContinue reading “Raindrop-Based Renewable Energy Shows Promise”

SkySails – the Future of Wind Power?

When you think of renewable energy, you probably don’t think of paragliders. But guess what? German company SkySails is out to change that. Yep, paragliders. SkySails claims their clean energy platform is more efficient than traditional wind turbines. The kites, costing between $1.5 to $3 million USD a pop, can also be tethered onto commercialContinue reading “SkySails – the Future of Wind Power?”

Plant Trees Get Paid?!

So what is an Empress tree? Apparently it’s a different breed of money tree that can actually get you landowners paid without lifting a finger. Farmers use your land bankrolled by a rolodex of interested investors. Check out this company WorldTree that is creating this phenomenon. This seems like a match made in Heaven ifContinue reading “Plant Trees Get Paid?!”

Tesla Stock: Prelude to the Future

Irrational exuberance is happening with Tesla >>> some are calling it the next tulip bubble. For me it represents more than the typical week of bulls and bears trading and losing fortunes; it represents lots of extra media, investment, and talk about an electric car company; something that was pretty much science fiction a fewContinue reading “Tesla Stock: Prelude to the Future”

Green is the new macho!

Yes that’s the answer. After countless recirculation of articles claiming toxic masculinity is to blame for men not recycling, caring about the environment etc. the simple solution is to make green ===macho. I’m sure these handsome farmers give a rip about the environment. Environmentalism just needs classic rebranding; lipstick on the pig. So Green===Macho